Personalized Advertising Usecases

Use hyper-targeted messaging, real-time and location-sensitive promotions, and individual purchase or browsing history to elevate your marketing communication with a two-way conversation.

The Problem: Getting Lost in Digital Noise

Nobody is Impressed With The Generic Content

People doesn’t listen to messages that do not speak to them specifically. Generic messages without hyper-targeting are perceived as noise in today’s digital world.

Not getting lost in this digital noise is the first challenge for companies.

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People Demand Personalization, Companies Try To Keep Up

Creating videos that are tailored to specific individuals or client segments increases engagement and interest in the products or services you provide. The demand for personalization is here to stay and people are willing to share their personal data more and more.

The gap between generic messages and the demand for personalization grows day by day. The challenge and the solution lie between the data and the teams that use it.

The Challange: Making the Videos More Personal

Closing The Experience Gap

Most of the time, companies have the data to address their clientele in a personalized way but making use of these data silos is the biggest challenge. 

For example, a personalized video might include the client’s name, location, shopping history, or other details that make the video feel more relevant and personal.

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Building Engagement and Mutual Communication With The Help Of Data

By creating personalized videos, it is almost too easy for future-fit businesses to differentiate themselves and stand out from the competition and also from the noise. This can be especially effective for e-commerce businesses, where customers are used to seeing generic, one-size-fits-all ads.

Solution: Listening to People's Demands

Connecting The Dots Between Data Silos and Great Video Experiences

Use your existing customer data to create hyper-targeted advertisements. Get their attention by showing different versions of the same video to different groups of customers based on factors like age, gender, location, or previous purchase history.

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Reach The Right People With The Right Messages At The Right Time

Help your team tailor your advertising messages to different segments of your customer base and increase the effectiveness of the ads like never before. 

Use existing data on customer demographics, interests, and previous behavior such as purchase history, likes, interactions, etc. to show personalized videos to the people who are most likely to be interested. This can help your businesses thrive and get better results from advertising efforts.

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