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Address your whole organization in the most personalized way with interactive video experiences. Inform your employee base about their individual performances, guide them toward the next level in their career, and help them reach their business targets with a continuous and living feedback loop.

The Problem: Traditional Performance Reviews

The Difficulty With Traditional Performance Reviews

Many employees and managers find performance reviews to be time-consuming and labor-intensive, often requiring significant amounts of preparation and documentation.

Overcome this predisposition by creating a new channel of communication for performance reviews for healthy growth.

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Eliminate Biased, Unfair, and Ineffective Evaluations Once and For All

Traditional performance reviews are a thing of the past for a reason: They can be demoralizing for employees and can be costly to implement, especially when using specialized software or outside consultants. The infrequent nature of these implementations can also damage productivity.

Using personalized and interactive videos for performance reviews can help you address some of the challenges of traditional performance reviews.

The Challange: Building a New Communication Channel

A New Channel Of Clear Communication And Understanding

Building a new communication channel is a challenge for many reasons. But designing it with personalized and interactive videos in mind can be very rewarding. They are more engaging and effective at providing feedback to employees than traditional written or oral reviews.

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Customize Your Feedback Flow According To Each Individual Needs and Goals

Adopting interactive and personalized videos can also be more efficient in many ways, allowing managers to provide feedback to multiple employees in a short amount of time. 

Creating branching videos, asking relevant questions, and announcing individually related information makes the review process more relevant and effective for every party.

Solution: Personalized and Interactive Videos for Performance Reviews

Continuous Feedback Loop For Everyone, Anytime

Provide your employees with interactive videos that they can access at any time and allow them to review and reflect on their performance on their own schedule. Improve effectiveness, efficiency, and fairness of the performance review process with a touch of interactivity and personalization. With interactive video experiences at the focus, your feedback flows will not be the same.

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Interactivity With A Touch Of Personalization Is A Winning Formula

By adopting personalized videos in your feedback loop, you provide the company leadership with a more targeted and specific feedback channel. This new channel help employees understand their strengths and areas for improvement more clearly with a more personal and human connection. 

Immersive video experiences improve the overall effectiveness of any performance review by increasing engagement, improving accountability, boosting motivation, and healthier communication.

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