Personalized Customer Feedback Usecases

Your existing marketing and sales data is your most valuable and non-replaceable asset. Use this resource by adopting interactive and personalized videos to ask the right questions to the right people at the right time. It is only the best way to collect feedback.

The Problem: Desining Sustainable Feedback Collection

Creating A Healthy Feedback Collection Flow

Collecting feedback is the first step towards knowing what is happening with your brand, getting to know your clientele better, and preventing churn in the long term. 

Design sustaining feedback collection with the help of interactive video experiences.


Collecting Feedback Right At The Source

The best way to find out how you perform is to simply ask your customers to get their honest feedback. A sustaining feedback flow should do 2 things good: Fitting right into your customer journey and making it extra easy to provide an answer.

Unfortunately, these two are also the main problem with feedback collection. Adopt Interactive and personalized video experiences to overcome.

The Challange: Make Sense of the Data

Ask For Feedback And Act On It

Regularly surveying your clientele will help you recognize some positive and negative tendencies. Acting on this valuable interaction is the norm that turns your company into a proactive solver.


Put The Feedback Back Into The Core Business

Frequently asking people for their feedback without hustle is a delicate business. Simple clickable areas in a video increase the chances of the answers a lot more, enabling you to track in-video actions and behavioral data to get a clearer picture, literally.

The challenge here is to make sense of the data as well as how you can use it to your advantage.

Solution: Actionable Feedback Collection

Putting The Customer In The Driver's Seat

Interactive video experiences gives the viewer a sense of leading the story. And you can learn a lot about people when they feel they lead the conversation.

Use this genuine data to drive your business forward.

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The Perfect Tool For Actionable Feedback

This is just the tip of an incredibly fruitful iceberg of a perfect feedback collection.

Add questions, forms, and feedback opportunities by simply creating interactive hotspots in your videos. Collect customer insights with carefully embedded questions, support your marketing with behavioral data, and help your product team with actionable usability feedback.

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