Personalized Data Collection Usecases

Add interactivity to your videos with hot spots and input widgets to enrich marketing, sales, and CRM data. Enhance your existing databases by collecting missing first-hand data to create personalized video experiences.

The Problem: Collecting First-Hand Data

Collecting First-hand Data Is A Real Problem

First-hand data is gold, especially after similar laws such as GDPR and updates to data collection tools like GA4. You cannot rely on 3rd party data anymore and several potential hardships wait for you in your journey through data collection.

Let’s see what they are and how you can overcome them.

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Data Has A Better Idea If You Know How To Reach

Collection of first-hand data is a hard job for marketers, salespeople, and data analysts alike. Most of the time, It is a challenging job to get in touch with the right customers and convince them to participate in a survey or interview.  Even when it is done right, they may not always be willing to participate because of privacy concerns or time and resource constraints.

The Challange: Drawing Accurate Conclusions

The Right Questions, For The Right People, At The Right Time

A low response rate, an understaffed research team, and the long and context-agnostic surveys can make it difficult to draw accurate conclusions from the data collected. 

On the other hand, personalized video experiences with the right contexts and ease of use are your best friends.

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Use Interactivity And Personalization Under The Spotlight

Most of the time, collecting first-hand data requires dedicated staff and resources to design and administer surveys, conduct interviews, and analysis. Even sometimes customers may not provide accurate info due to a variety of factors, such as misunderstanding the questions, a desire to protect their privacy, or a lack of interest.

Creating an easy-to-answer interactive video experience with a touch of personalized data and correct context is no easy task for businesses with limited resources.

Solution: Using Interactivity & Personalization

Personalized And Interactive Videos Are Powerful Tools For Improving First-hand Data Collection

Videos that are created for specific people and with interactive abilities can improve first-hand data collection from customers dramatically in several ways. They increase engagement and improve understanding while creating a sense of privacy and increased efficiency. 

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A Winning Combination For Data Collection: Personalization, Context, And Interactivity

A survey that uses personalized videos to introduce questions is surely more engaging than a traditional text-based survey, resulting in increasing participation and response rates. They can be also used to explain complex concepts or questions in a way that is easy for customers to understand, increasing the chance of the responses being more accurate and thoughtful.

Personalized and interactive videos can also make the data collection process more efficient by automating certain tasks and reducing the need for manual data entry. The whole experience can help to address privacy concerns by providing customers with more control over the information they share

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