MarTech Award-Winning Project: Avon - OmmaVQ Personalized Interactive Video Communication! Discover how innovation fuels impeccable consumer interaction. Explore the success story here!


Avon was confronting barriers in effectively communicating with their Sales Representatives and Leaders.

Despite using email and SMS, the dense and detailed reports and data sets overwhelmed the representatives, making understanding these messages a struggle.

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This led to a noticeable decrease in their engagement levels as the generalized messages resulted in increased ambiguity, rather than clarity.

Each representative expressed the need for specific information pertaining to their individual business results, products, promotional campaigns and feedback.


To tackle this issue, Avon Turkey sought out a partnership with OmmaVQ. For this project to be successful, both the Omma and Avon teams worked in close collaboration. Special storyboards were crafted for each campaign. The technical teams worked diligently to ensure the integration between Avon’s CRM infrastructure and the OmmaVQ platform.

Upon integration, they decided the data set to be used for personalized communication and embarked on creating videos. 


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OmmaVQ’s advanced platform created custom videos for each user by leveraging their private data and enriched them with interactive tools while being mindful of Avon’s data privacy policies.

Representative-specific messages were created; congratulatory messages were sent to high-performing representatives while those struggling to meet their goals received guidance.

Each custom interactive video created by the platform was then delivered individually to the sales representatives. These were accessible and could be viewed on mobile phones, tablets, or computers, facilitating ease of access.

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Performance Communication: OmmaVQ assisted in delivering real-time individual sales reports to the representatives. This helped the representatives track their performance and meet their business goals.

Loyalty and Retention: OmmaVQ enhanced timely communication by providing personal rewards, motivating the representatives to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Campaign Management: Avon was afforded the opportunity to create and effectively communicate personalized campaigns with representatives.

Feedback: Access was provided to an interactive response system to collect real-time feedback from the representatives. This helped ask the correct queries at the appropriate time, ensuring the collected feedback was both relevant and timely.

Data Enrichment: OmmaVQ presented a method to make up for the missing data by using forms filled out via video. This data was crucial in crafting more personalized marketing campaigns in the future.

Advertisement: Avon was able to keep its representatives up-to-date with the latest innovations without requiring additional communication for each new product. Real-Time

Ordering: With the help of OmmaVQ, swift promotion announcements were made possible. This also positively influenced ordering behavior through video announcements.

By implementing these strategies, OmmaVQ enabled a personalized and interactive communication method that complied with data protection laws and offered promotions specific to real-time and location data.


Avon emerged as a trailblazer, being the first company in its sector in Turkey to implement such technology for its communication strategies with its target audience. Usage of OmmaVQ technology vastly improved the communication approach with Sales Representatives and Sales Leaders, fostering increased interaction.

The technology introduced a more personalized and interactive marketing approach. The evident positive results include:

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  • The creation of 5.3 million unique videos.
  • More than 3 million videos were viewed, representing a 61% viewing rate.
  • OmmaVQ Communication’s reach to the target audience saw a surge, with a five-fold increase compared to previous methods.
  • Sales representatives’ motivation and awareness saw measurable improvement.
  • There was a substantial surge in order volumes.
  • Crucially, Avon’s operational costs experienced a decrease.

OmmaVQ provided a unique experience in personal communication with Avon’s Sales Representatives and Sales Leaders. The fusion of cutting-edge technologies in video communication with Avon’s communication strategy, resulted in a win-win situation for both parties.